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Benefits you receive, only with Manitowoc Carpentry & Woodwork LLC!

Are all carpenters the same? Absolutely not! That's like saying all meals are the same. Some places give you just a burger. Some will give you a burger and fries. Some will give that burger and fries with a small drink. At Manitowoc Carpentry & Woodwork LLC, you get a full "all you can eat", "come back as many times as you want" buffet, plus soup and salad bar, free refills on all your drinks, and a complete dessert table! And generally speaking, you pay less money!

5 Reasons to Choose Manitowoc Carpentry & Woodwork LLC
Want more details? Keep reading-I'll explain!

1. Some contractors hire low paid, inexperienced subcontractors to do the actual construction, keeping a great deal of your hard earned money as a middle man. At Manitowoc Carpentry and Woodwork, from estimate to completion, you get one experienced finish carpenter with over twenty years of experience in homes, businesses, and luxury yachts to do the best work possible for you! All your expectations in all woodworking or carpenter projects will be exceeded. You have no contractors, subcontractors, or laborers involved in your project.  

2. Some companies expect you to pick from a prescribed line of materials marking up the cost of these products. I am a woodworker not a distributor. I work with the materials you want in your home from any source you choose! In addition to in-home projects, especially storage systems, I fabricate new wood parts for any and all antiques, especially agricultural machinery, make and ship new humidors, jewelry boxes or any other specialty woodwork creation, and am willing to ship anywhere in the United States.

3. Some companies expect you to work around their schedule, telling you what time they will do the work and when they will be in your home. I make my best effort to work around your schedule and come when it is convenient for your family. Have children you need to get off to school-I will start a little later! Again, you are my boss and my goal is to completely exceed your expectations.

4. Some companies leave customers for long periods of time with half completed work while they do their "real" job or bigger jobs. Your work is my job. I live and serve this area. You will have a beautiful fully completed project on time and a clean living space when I leave your home.

5. Some companies figure it is "good enough". At Manitowoc Carpentry & Woodwork LLC, "good enough" is never "good enough". I treat your home as my own and want you to enjoy the work for years to come. Corners are never cut. You deserve nothing but the best! Manitowoc Carpentry & Woodwork will never do anything less!

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