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Cedar Starburst Gable
Gable end of house with cedar starburst. Measures over 15 feet across and 4 feet tall.
Cedar Starburst Gable
Two Creeks Town Hall
Two Creeks Town Hall-2
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Exterior Projects
Black sealant on joints is a teak decking caulk used in the marine industry. No maintenance required in ten years.
Two Creeks Town Hall, handicapped access and front deck.
Two Creeks Town Hall, larger view.
​ Close-Up of Scribing
Scribing is cutting wood to prevent spaces between it and existing structure, the steps and walkway.
Cosmetic Repair & Repaint
1887 Rhode Island locomotive at Pinecrest Historical Village in Manitowoc, WI.
Log Replacement
Partial log replacement to building for Manitowoc Historical Society.
Chicken Coop Interior
A chicken coop with roosting rods, nest boxes, and removable litter tray. This breaks down into three components (hen house, roof and run frame) that can be handled and loaded into an 8 foot truck by two people. 
Chicken Coop Exterior