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Hickory Upper Cabinet
Made to size to ensure that neither crown molding or window casing need to be notched.
Hickory Door Trim
Double Hung Window
Drywall Fitted Into Wall
Hickory Dutch Door
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Interior Projects
We take pride in our quality and affordable interior projects. To see larger version click on Photo Gallery tab. 

Detail of typical door trim, all hickory.
Andersen double hung window with custom made hickory trim. All hand nailed with cut nails supplied by Tremont Nail Company.
 A groove was routed into wall and sheet-rock was slid into groove, giving a gap free fit.
Custom made hickory dutch door, hole in bottom for cat's access to litter box.
Corner Bench in Mudroom
45 degree Upper Cabinet
Birch cabinet scribed to fit into log wall on one side and drywall on the other.
Downstairs Bathroom
Trim Work on Curved Wall
Dutch Door Latch
Detail of Wall-Mounted Seat
Hooks & Seat by Main Entrance