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Manitowoc, WI
Remodeling, Refinishing, and Storage Solutions

Half Bathroom
The half bathroom of a newly finished basement containing a compact floor to ceiling installed set of storage cabinets and drawer.
Animal Housing
An example of animal housing, a chicken coop with roosting rods, nest boxes, and removable litter tray. This breaks down into three components (hen house, roof and run frame) that can be handled and loaded into an 8-foot truck bed by two people. Wood housing for other pets or farm animals can also be created.
1892 Case Threshing Machine currently undergoing extensive wood and metal repair.
Closet Shelving
These adjustable melamine shelves and double hung hanging rods create a bright, functional closet storage system.
Fireplace Surround
‚ÄčThe TV and electronics all are organized in this storage system around the fireplace matching the existing molding and coloring of the home. Extra storage space for CDs, DVDs, and game systems, etc. keeps the room clutter free.