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Mahogany Plywood Desk
Inlayed leaves of exotic woods, traced, cut out, and routed into desk. Solid block mahogany feet, bandsaw cut to shape.
Inlayed Cardinal
Dovetailed Desk Drawers
Curved Bar
Curved Bar Top
1957 Carver Captain Plywood Motor Boat
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Furniture and Special Projects
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Desktop with 14 piece inlayed cardinal. All exotic wood, no paint or stain.
Desk has half dovetail drawers made of poplar, finished with several coats of Amber shellac and then waxed.
Curved bar made from teak (arm rail and stiles and rails) and common fir plywood. Shelving was put in to organize and display owners' collection of model tractors.
Detail of bar top. Solid white pine top with splined ends (to keep top from cupping), curved teak arm rail (recycled from abandoned yacht) that is suspended from top with 1/2 iron rods).
Finish stripped and re-coated with West Systems epoxy and spar varnish. All trim work removed and polished, motor rebuilt and lower unit re-sealed.
Cigar Humidor
Cigar humidor made from red cedar, fishtail oak and dovetailed together.
Cigar Humidor - Top
Checkerboard Set
Inlayed Dragonfly
Display Case
Jewelry Box
Top of humidor, inlayed with paddauk.
Created with birds-eye maple, rosewood, teak, and unknown wood.
Desktop with inlayed dragonfly. All exotic wood, no paint or stain.
Display case for 40 inch musky. Glass top and sides, artificial foliage and sand bottom. This is currently 25 years old. Mountings hold up much longer if they are sealed in a case.
Paddauk jewelry box with ash interior and carved legs. Box is handmade out of solid, rough lumber and is 4 1/2" wide by 6" long by 4 1/2" tall.