Manitowoc Carpentry & Woodwork LLC
Creating, repairing, and refinishing woodwork for homes and businesses


Better Service
I treat your home as if it were my own. I will give you straight forward and honest solutions to improve your living situation within your budget, doing whatever it takes to satisfy you!

Better Finished Product
As a qualified carpenter, the woodwork I do is top of the line. After spending the last two decades doing woodwork on luxury yachts, and in private homes and businesses, I will take your project and make it exactly what will work for you and your family! I know how to take ideas and turn them into reality.

Better Price
I give you a very reasonable price for top quality work.

Local Family Owned Business
I am always in your neighborhood, so I can do what you want and when you want it! I will create a quality space for you, your family, and friends!

Why Choose Manitowoc Carpentry & Woodwork LLC?
Your home will be beautiful, comfortable, and organized within budget!

I will give you better price...higher quality...better service!
The Highest Quality Woodwork and Carpentry..Ever!

From the estimate to the final product, you are my boss. I will exceed your expectations in all woodworking or carpentry projects. You start and end with me, no contractors, subcontractors, or laborers.  

You will have work done on time and on budget.  

You will have one experienced, polite, family-oriented carpenter in your home during the job.

You will have a fully completed project and a clean living space when I leave your home.

Most importantly, you will have a better home to enjoy time on your own and with family and friends!